Tuesday, December 21

Sookie Turns up the HEAT!!!

Yay, Chapter 1 of Sookie Book #11, also known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries has finally been released on Charlaine Harris' website. Included in the 19 page chapter is a glimpse of Sookie (of course), her Fae relatives, Sam, Pam, and my favorite Viking Vampire, Eric (evil grin!!!). Sorry Compton fans, no Bill in Chapter 1!! Finally, we get to see what the heck is doing in that gosh darn attic!!! Not only that, but once again Sookie finds herself in a Hot Mess, no pun intended!! Check out the full chapter at Charlaine Harris' website HERE

Anyone out there getting excited about True Blood season #4? I am, can June please come sooner!!! Arrhgh!!

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  1. LOL Hi Kristin!

    No Bill :( I think I can wait then LOL. As for season 4 it should be interesting to see where Alan is going to take it.

  2. OMG I can't wait! For the new book or the new season.


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