Monday, February 28

Sayanora Sookie Stackhouse!!

Charlaine Harris, author of the Southern Vampire mysteries has recently confirmred that the last Sookie Stackhouse book will be released in 2013. For all you Team Eric and team Billy fans out there, (yes, I said BillY) this means that after the May 2011' release of of Dead Reckoning, book #11....only two books remain. In an interview, Harris says:
“I still love Sookie, but I’m beginning to want to write something else, and Sookie’s kind of taken over my life. I was able to write other things for the first few years I was involved in Sookie, but then after the start of the television show she took over so much of my time because of my increased publicity obligations that it’s been very hard to write other things, and I really need to do that.” {LA Times}
So there you have it. Now, the question is: Who will Sookie end up with? Charlaine has said on countless occasions that it most definitely would not be a Fanger. {My Poor, Poor Viking!} My gut is telling me that the final suitor will be Sam, Sookie's boss and owner of Merlotte's Bar & Grill. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a Sam fan, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm wrong!! Time will tell.

What do you guys think about the series coming to an end? Any thoughts on who Sookie will end up with?

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  1. LOL very funny Kristin calling him Billy. I know you are teasing and I'll take it in stride since I'm Team Bill. :)

    Based on what she said everything points to Sam.

    As for the book I only own the first two and the remaining ones in the series I have read from borrowing from the library and I'm glad I did. I didn't like anything after Book 2. Perhaps this is the biggest beef I have with Charlaine is she hooked readers to her series then them wham book 3 changed everything and threw Bill to the curb in book 3.

    To me that would be akin to IF Jeaniene had Cat & BOnes together in the first 2 books and then Wham threw Bones to the curb and set up Cat with Tate! That would be sacrilege!

    So I'm not a fan of Charlaine because you don't do such things to the main characters in a series just to create "DRAMA". They could have easily had the two together dealing with issues just like Cat & Bones do. That is why I love Cat & Bones and Jeaniene and Alan Ball for seeing the true beauty in the storyline and making it into True Blood. Yummy Stephen Moyer! :)

    LOL Team Bill like I said. :)

  2. Oh, I saw this. I'm glad she is not going to drag the series out forever, 13 is a good number to end with.
    As to who Sookie will end up with; I'm not a big Sam fan either. Is it too much to hope for Alcide or Quinn?

  3. Ollie,

    Ok, ok, I'll leave your poor Bill alone!! I know how much u hate the drama... Lol. I get what your saying about Mrs. Harris...


    I loved Quinn and his purple eyes.. Everyone thought what he did was so wrong, but i disagree.. I think Sookie was wrong for demanding Quinn choose her over his family! Selfish much?? Anywho, I would love to see tiger boy get another chance..

    ;) Kristin

  4. I like Sam and I'd be okay if Sookie ends up with him.

    I liked Quinn a lot, but he treated Sookie poorly. And no, I don't think it was a simple choice of Sookie versus his family. He sold her out.

    I don't get the upheaval involving Bill in the early books. He did a bad thing and Sookie is not the most forgiving person. Not the best way to be, but it does sound like Sookie. I think Harris has done a good job being true her characters and the series.

  5. LSU,

    You brought up some good points. It's interesting to see the many perspectives people have on the series. I can definetly respect the passion people have for characters they love. i always tend to side with the underdogs, you know that bad guys turned good type. As for Sam, hmmm... I really like him as a person, but almost feel like Sookie would get bored with him. She seems to both attract and thrive with drama.

    :) Kristin

  6. I agree about Quinn Kristin. With how much drama Sookie has I couldn't believe she turned him down for his.
    And he did sell her out but he was forced wasn't he? It's been a while since I've read these.

  7. I am SO team Eric!! Gods how I love him! Bill is such an annoying character, I barely liked him when she was with him and now he's just worse.

    Sam'd be ok I guess, but Quinn would be better. Alcide would have been good if the last few books hadn't happened, I think he became a jerk.

    So as long as it's not Bill or Alcide I'll be able to cope with the choice not being Eric. And hey, it just means he'll still be single right? ;)


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