Saturday, October 9

Get Yourself an ILL Book!!

Did you know that almost everyone in the US has access to ILL books? And no that's not the Ebonics talking. Really, I'm just not that cool! Anywho, ILL stands for Inter library Loan. Evidently, most public and even some private libraries operate under a mutual cooperative book swap. The best part is... ready?.. wait for it.... IT's FREE!!

So, next time your at the local library and you can't find what your looking for, go find a librarian and tell him/her, " Yo, Yo, since you aint stockin' what I'm rockin', how aboutz you hit up another book joint, "ILL-style" baby!! Holla at me when you got my shiznet, word?!?! " Sorry, I keep channeling my inner-Lafayette..Hookah!?!

If you want to know for yourself which libraries got em and which one's don't - check out WorldCat. This site will give you access to the card catalogs of over 10,000 libraries throughout the world. Whadyaknow, they even got an app for that!!

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