Thursday, December 2

Author News & Cover Releases

This week, so far, has been pretty eventful, to say the least. I have been super busy at work, and by the time I get home and settle in with a good book, I end up falling asleep, book in hand. The sad thing is -  the books I am currently reading are really good. [pouts...grumpy face!] I think I am about due for a sick day [coughs..ahem..coughs again]!

Anywho, and on a lighter note, there has been some great news and updates popping up surrounding some of my favorite authors.

1.) Sookie Stackhouse Book #11 by Charlaine Harris cover is released.... Now, in the past, Charlaine has released the first Chapter of her upcoming Sookie books during the first week in December. Although the chapter is not up yet (as of 12/01), I've got my "Snookie" radar on and will let you guys know as soon as the sneak peak releases. Check out Charlaine Harris' website for more info here.

2.) Meljean Brook, author of The totally awesome and fantastically great Iron Seas series has just been signed by her publisher for three more books!! Woohoo!! Kudos to Meljean and her Steam Punk geniusness..Book # 2, Iron Steel is scheduled to release in November of 2011'. Check out Meljean's website here. (P.S. This book is a definite must read, add it to your TBR pile, like pronto!!)

Enter Here for a chance to win The Iron Duke!! (Ends:12/14/10)
3.) Nalini Singh, author of the Guild Hunter novels released a tiny snippet from Book #3, titled Archangel's Consort. Although this is just a teeny, tiny snippet..it happens to feature my favorite Angel, Illium (aka Kristin's BlueBells) hee...hee! Check out Nalini Singh's blog: here, for full snippet!!

This cover rocks!!
“I swear to God,” she muttered, fighting a laugh, “if you’ve dusted me with blue, I’ll tie your balls in a knot and hang you up by them on the nearest sharp object I see.” The last time he’d glittered blue angel-dust over her wings, Raphael had—eventually—seen the humor in the situation. She couldn’t guarantee Illium’s health if it happened a second time.***posted by Nalini Singh, on 11/30/10*** 

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  1. I cant believe Sookie is alone on that cover! I love the Guild Hunter cover, I still need to read book two.

  2. Hey Laurie, I wonder what Sookie being by herself symbolizes...Hmmmm, who knows why Ms. Harris has in store for us.. I will chop off my right foot if anything happens to Mr. Northman!!! (lol, just kidding...I kinda need my foot!) As for Guild Hunter #2, Archangel's Kiss - it's a must read.. I loved it way more than Angel's Blood. You get to see a different side, (kinder, loving) to Raphael!!

    ;), Kristin

  3. I really don't make a habit of hating on books, but PLEASE MS HARRIS, GIVE US A GOOD STORY! The last two books have made me SAD!!

    I am so excited for the second book in the Iron Seas series! LOVED The Iron Duke, but I haven't heard anyone who didn't, so good move, publishing company!

    And of course - Archangel's Kiss. That is the best cover of the series YET.

  4. Spaz,

    I'm totally with ya on the last two Sookie books {blows raspberries}!! As for Book # 2 in the Iron Seas series....Girl, I'm bustin out my "I heart steampunk shirt"...that's how excited I am. the cover of Archangel's Kiss rocks!!! In my next life, I want to come back loookin like that...bad arse and blonde...hee!hee!

    Thanks for stopping by!



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