Wednesday, December 15


Is it Wednesday already? No, it can't be!
Wait a minute!! <<-- This is my brain on XMAS overload!!

Seriously, I am behind on everything, shopping, reading, cleaning, etc. Why, you ask because I have been all-consumed in X-MAS decorations. I spent three whole days decorating the tree, yes just the tree!!! Crazy right? Yes, I know my Christmas OCD is in RAWRRRR form this year.

I am one of those crazy people that decorates everything based on a theme, which changes based on my mood! This year the theme is "black & white." Easy, right? Nope, an "Emo" nightmare...!! Note to self: black does not show up very well on a dark green tree!! Plus, to save money, I usually make most of the ornaments myself [arghhh..]. You crafters out there know how time consuming this can be!! Anywho, the tree is just about done. Woo to the Hoo and please pass the egg nog! [snickers] I will post a pic shortly!

Now, on to the 2010' Book Holiday Giveaway! Yesterday, was the last day of the giveaway! Wow, 106 participants in a little over two weeks!! That is pure awesomeness!! You bloggin buddies rock!! Winners will be announced and emailed tomorrow, so stay tuned!! The Twilight Eclipse swag giveaway is still running though, ends 1/02.

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  1. I love the black and white theme! :) I kn ow the feeling I am so behind on things and I HAVEN'T STARTED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! So today I promised myself to hit the mall and shop. Not really looking forward to it. Rather spend my time trying to read all the books on my list! Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. Thanks Ollie! I'm taking off on Friday, hopefully to get all my shopping done!! We shall see how that goes!! Merry X-Mas to you too!!


  3. I sympathize! I haven't done ANY shopping yet either! At least our tree and decorations are up. I also volunteered to help my sister with the baking. It's crunch time baby! Your tree sounds pretty cool though, don't forget to post pics! After the 24th I'm off for 16 days. Woohoo!

  4. OH can't wait to see the pic, love black and white. you should see our tree , we really need a new one it looks like Charlie Brown type of tree lol. But pressies are wrapped , got one more coming in the mail which will be wrapped cause my son is nosy lol.

  5. Carmel - wow 16 days? I am so jealous!! Hope you have something really exciting planned!!

    BLHmistress - all, I love "Charlie Brown" tree's. Growing up, that's usually what we had. Although it wasn't so much the tree, but the ornaments that were really cheesy! Looking back, those cheesy ornaments helped create so many funny stories that we retell year after year!!

    :) Kristin


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