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Review: Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane

Overshadowed by the rising threat of the werewolf mafia, Ben and Tegan struggle to stand united. Werewolf Enforcer Tegan Warden has been alone since the death of her mate four years ago. Until she meets Ben Stoner at a local club and she feels something she thought died inside her. Things move very quickly and she finds herself mated to a human man whos not altogether sure he wants a forever kind of love with a woman hes just met. Ben realizes in short order Tegan is not only worth forever love, but a woman wholl stand at his side without tolerating anything other than a full partnership. In the bedroom its another story, as Ben has finally found a sexual submissive with a spark, and Tegan a man worthy of her submission. Together they work toward building a permanent relationship even as the specter of danger from the Pellini Group grows in the world of wolves. All around them, the rising violence threatens the Packs and the only thing they know for certain is one another. (excerpt from Goodreads)
 Wolf Unbound is the fourth book in Lauren Dane's Cascadia Wolves series. Let me just say that Ms. Dane can write one heck of a love scene. And just when you think the smexiness is done, Ms. Dane throughs in a few more scenes for good measure. Yes, I feel scandalized, but in no way is that a bad thing {hee, hee}! 

Tegan is a wolf with a wounded heart. After her husband and mate dies, she herself has little to live for, each day being a constant struggle. As far as finding love again, Tegan is resolved on it not happening. That is, of course, until Tegan meets Ben Stoner in a BDSM club, of all places. {snortz!} Yup, one thing leads to another and hey, what do ya know, Ben & Tegan are mates!! One problem...Ben is human! Both Ben & Tegan face alot of obstacles as new mates, but in the end they realize being apart from each other hurts way more than being together. Of course they fight and bicker, but with time they come to really love each other, which, by the way, Dane writes beautifully.

This book had me so excited! The beginning was awesome and although the middle, was a tad slow, I remained engrossed! The ending, however, left me saying, WTF!! Yup, this is one of those books that just ends! There was no resolution to be had.. The bad guys are still running the streets, the family is still at war, and so many other unanswered questions has left me with that dumbfound WTF look on my face. There I said it. Even though I am frustrated with the ending, I will continue on with the next book, Standoff, featuring Pack leader, Cade Warren,  if for nothing else than to see if we get any type of resolution. [See Mom, told ya I'm not a quitter!! {blows rasberries!!}]

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5

Book Info
Title: Wolf Unbound (Cascadia Wolves series #4)
Author: Lauren Dane
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (252 pages)
Published: January, 2009 

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