Saturday, February 12

Crazy Book Blogger, Pre-Order Patience, & Giveaway

Anyone catch the Facebook chat with J.R. Ward last night? If you did, consider yourself lucky. Or maybe i'm just unlucky, because I couldn't get in. Nope, they slammed the doors right in my face and said "no more room, go away." Okay, maybe I'm exagereating just a tad, but that's how I felt and now i'm just griping, because I just want some "bdb" news, and now I'll never know because i couldn't get in and AAHHHH!! <------- This was me last night!! Crazy, right? I promise people, I normally don't act this way!!

I am so mad at myself!! I cheated people, cheated!! On what you ask? Well, I went and read the first 20% of Jeaniene Frost's This Side of the Grave. Yupper, last night, after my J.R. Ward chat room fiasco, I caved. I made a resolution weeks ago that I would not read it...That way, come February 22nd the entire book would be a surprise, no spoilers, which is what I really wanted. I ruined the whole darn plan and now I have to wait over a week before I can get my hands on the rest....Why do I torture myself so??

Speaking of torture....Check out what I bought on me Nook!!! Look at the purty book covers. Oooh, Aaaah!! These are all pre-orders, which means they will be sittin' pretty for a while before I can actually read them. Well, at least one of them, Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole will be available in a few days (2/15), so I don't actually have to wait that long.. Hurry up Tuesday, will ya?

Now, of to a lighter and more positive note....{ahem}.... I'll be guest posting over at Reading Between the Wines Book Club tomorrow, 2/13. It's a Cat & Bones Celebration and countdown to This Side of The Grave by Jeaniene Frost. Make sure you stop by for your chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!!

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  1. Hey Kristin dont worry hun I didnt make it into the Jr Ward chat either! Oh I kicked myself horribly!! So You and I were both kicking and screaming last night!!

  2. Oh good Kristen!! I think I'll start a "poor me, kickin & screamin'" fan club!! Lol!!



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