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Review: Love Immortal by Felicity Heaton

 Rescued from monsters by Julian, a mysterious immortal, Lauren discovers that she's the latest incarnation of a goddess on an ancient mission to defeat the first werewolf, Lycaon, before he gains revenge on Zeus. Pulled into a dark world, she fights for her life, protected by Julian and people with amazing powers. But can Lauren succeed in defeating Lycaon when all of her predecessors have failed? [Book blurb from B&N]

Reminiscent of a classic fairy tale, Love Immortal is a beautifully written paranormal romance novel that stays with the reader long after the final page is read. Love Immortal explores the world of vampires, necromancers, soul stealer's, mystical creatures, gods, and goddesses, all of which must come together to break the curse of a sadistic werewolf.  Ms. Heaton delivers a wonderful story filled with fast paced action, intense fight scenes, amazing secondary characters, and an emotionally tortured hero, who by the way, has just earned a top spot on my "book boyfriends" list.

Lauren is just an average girl. That is, until a pack of werewolves attacks her and she realizes  that monsters really do exist. In walks Julian, a handsome and mysterious man who comes to her rescue. Julian is an Arcadian commander with one job to do. Keep Lauren alive through her 35th birthday so she can defeat Lycaon, the first werewolf ever made. Lycaon, Lauren, and Julian are all tied to a curse that binds them in a never ending battle. With each defeat awarded to Lycaon, Lauren dies and comes back reincarnated only to repeat the process over and over again. 

With each death, Julian, an immortal.  lives only to see the woman he gave his human life for, Illia come back with no memory of him or the love they once shared. A shell of a man, Julian's heart is broken. Centuries of pain and defeat consumes him. That is, until Illia comes back as Lauren. Lauren is different than all the others. She is also different than Illia, a fact that Julian becomes all too aware of. Lauren is sweet, kind, compassionate, and more beautiful than all her predecessors. All too quickly, Lauren ignites the extinguished flame in Julian's heart. The question is, will he survive if she breaks it again? 

I absolutely loved this book. My first read by author, Felicity Heaton blew me away.. Everything about this book speaks to the romantic at heart. Julian, the hero is so wounded and each memory he has is so painful. As a reader, I felt like jumping in the book and rescuing him. I also fell in love with Heaton's side characters, mainly Kuga, Piper, Duke, Astra, and Morgan. Talk about a bunch of misfits!! The group, also known as Ghost, fight side by side with Lauren and Julian to defeat Lycaon.  As a whole, the team faces allot, including deception and loss, the latter of which is a devastating blow to the team as well as a tear jerker.. so, reader beware!! I sure hope Ms. Heaton continues to write in this world, if not about Julian and Lauren, than about the Ghost team, especially Kuga. Final thoughts: I was both expectantly and pleasantly surprised with this book. A great read,  one Paranormal Romance lovers will shelve alongside their favorite page turners.

Overall Rating: 4.75 out of 5

Book Information
Publisher: Felicity Heaton via SMASHWORDS
Release Date: January 2011'

**Book provided by Author for review purposes 

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  1. It's always a treat when you want to jump into the book to save the day. Nice review!

  2. Julie,

    Funny thing is..I often find myself wanting to jump in and save the day!! Especially when a hunky hero is involved, lol!!


  3. I LOVED YOUR REVIEW! Just reading your description brought me back to the book and I remembered everything in it and my heart still ached regarding Julian's pain and some of the scenes. I REALLY hope Felicity does make this into a series because she has so much here that it can easily continue on.

    P.S. I did ask her and she said she may do a book two to carry on from where it let off if you recall. ;) *crossing fingers*

  4. Awww, ur so sweet Ollie!! Yes, I hope Ms. Heaton continues with the series... I want Kuga to get his HEA!! Maybe Piper can be reincarnated like Lauren was... I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!

    ;), Kristin


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