Tuesday, February 8

Cover Crazy Tuesday!

Is it okay to judge a book by its cover? Hmmmm, I try really hard not too, but the reality is....I cannot help it!! In this respect, books are just like food. Before diving in for a great big bite, I imagine what the book will be like based on the cover.. A nice scrumptious beefy guy on the cover calls, rather begs for me to rip him wide open. I mean tear the book open, not the guy, {geesh, I would never do such a thing, wink! wink!} Unfortunately, and with that said, if the cover doesn't wet my whistle...I'll likely give it a "Thanks but no thanks" pass.. I know this sounds harsh.. and yes, I've probably turned down some really good books as a result of my not digging the cover, but I can't help it!!

Without further adeau..This weeks "Yummilicious" cover award goes to...

Best Intentions , Book 2
Dance of Souls (A Ghost Cat Book) 
By:  Mandy M. Roth
Published By: Raven Happy Hour
Published: Jan 07, 2011
ISBN # 9781452496337

Hello Mr. Hawtness! Dance of Souls is written by "new to me" author, Mandy M. Roth. Here's the book's description:
Mason Blackwolf doesn’t want much out of life. He’s easy going. He’s alpha of his pack of werewolves, best friends with a shape shifting cougar and the great-grandson of a powerful Native American Shaman. A normal day for him consists of dealing with inter-pack politics, seducing beautiful women and then, if he’s lucky, relaxing and not thinking about much beyond that. When it becomes clear his grandfather has sent him on a wild goose chase, Mason stops at a roadside bar for a beer. He gets more than he’s bargained for when a tall, sexy blonde enters the establishment. She catches not only his eye but the wolf’s attention as well. She’s also off limits. In a big way. To Mason, it’s simply another layer that adds to her appeal. She’s a temptation he doesn’t want to resist and if he has his way, she’ll be thoroughly claimed before the night is out.

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  1. Wow. Love that cover. Mr. Hawtness is right...yum!

  2. Glad u like em, Jamie!! I loves me some eye candy!! Lots of yumminess w/out all the calories!! Lol


  3. Go check out my Fine Fridays posts...you'll enjoy!

  4. Thanks and I'm glad you like the cover. I have to admit I find him very inspiring. LOL

  5. Mandy, lol...yes I can see this cover being one fine motivator.



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