Wednesday, February 23

Ultimate Night Huntress Trivia Contest

The winner of the Ultimate Night Huntress Trivia contest and a $25 Amazon gift card is:


Congrats Heather, you were only one of two people who answered all of the questions correctly! WooHoo!!

For anyone interested, I posted all of the questions and answers below. Thanks so much to all who participated and an even bigger Thanks to Crystal over at Reading Between the Wines Book Club for asking me to be a guest on her fabulous blog!!


1.) Who says: “You called her kitten? And she let you? She put me in a coma in three days when I called her that! My balls never recovered from her smashing them into my spine!” (2 points)

2.) In Destined for an Early Grave, who gets turned into a ghoul? (2 points)
a. Justina
b. Rodney
c. Cannelle
d. Dave

3.) In Halfway to the Grave, what kind of car does Spade drive? (3 points)
a. red Corvette
b. black Corvette
c. Mercedes benz
d. Bentley

4.) In At Grave’s End, Patra is: (3 points)
a. Mencheres’ wife
b. Cat’s step-mother
c. Bones’ former lover
d. both a & c

5.) Referring to Bones, who says: “Well, well little Red Reaper. So you’re the reason he’s been in such a foul mood the past few years.” (3 points)

6.) At the unveiling party, who inquires about a three-some with Cat and Bones? (3 points)
a. Ian
b. Mencheres
c. Annette
d. Vlad

7.) Upon introduction in Halfway to the Grave, who says: “you, my beauteous Redhead must be Cat.” (4 points)
a. Spade
b. Ian
c. Bones
d. none of the above

8.) In At Grave’s end: who does Bones refer to as a “show hound?’ (2 points)
a. Ian
b. Rodney
c. Vlad
d. Max

9.) Who says to Cat, “We’re not blowing you up before I get a chance to show you my sausage.” (2 points)
a. Juan
b. Tate
c. Cooper
d. Dave

10.) According to Cat, which vampire smells like cinnamon and smoke? (3 points)

11.) Speaking to Bones, who says: “I don’t mind foreigners. God save the queen!” (2 points)
a. Timothy
b. Spade
c. Cat
d. Timmy

12.) Cat is to Bones as Justina is to: (2 points)
a. Max
b. Ian
c. Rodney
d. Don

13.) In One Foot in the Grave, which “notorious” chapter does Annette get taught a lesson in? (2 points)

14.) Who invites Tepesh, aka Vlad to Cat’s “Vampire” unveiling party? (4 points)
a. Bones
b. Cat
c. Mencheres
d. Neither

15.) Bones’ birthplace is: (2 points)
a. England
b. Australia
c. Spain
d. Germany

16.) What X-Mas gift does Cat give Bones in At Grave’s End? (3 points)
a. black leather duster
b. knife
c. red lingerie (for her to wear, of course)
d. none of the above

17.) According to vampire law, a newly turned vampire has to wait how long before they can challenge their master for freedom? (3 points)
1 year

18.) What age was Rodney when Bones first met him? (3 points)
a. 5
b. 6
c. 10
d. 16

19.) Bones was in what country when he was made a vampire? (3 points)
a. England
b. America
c. Australia
d. none of the above

20.) Which vampire says: "This shits gonna splatter, start buggin yo.” (2 points)
a. Vlad
b. Ian
c. Mencheres
d. Bones

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  1. Man I can not remember how I answered a couple I don't even remember answering. lol I know I had a few wrong though like Spades car and the Ghoul one. I tried from memory and I got a little confused. It was REALLY fun though.

  2. Lol, no worries....only a few people answered the ghoul & Spade's car question correctly... Glad u enjoyed it!!

    ;) Kristin

  3. I know, I'm mean!! Sorry..:(

    :) Kristin


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