Wednesday, February 23

TSOTG Giveaway Winner #1

Update: There's a new winner in town!! 

And that person is:
~ seaellare ~ 

Congrats seaellare! Stephanie M. is passing this book on to another lucky winner! Hooray for you. An email is on its way!

The first Winner in  the TSOTG Giveaway is:

~Stephanie M~

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

There's still four books left to giveaway!! If you haven't yet entered, make sure you do so ♦♦ HERE ♦♦ by 3/23/11!! (this contest is open to US and Canada)

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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks Stephanie - and Kristin!!!

  2. Hey Kristin. I saw you stopped by and said you can't wait for Lover Unleashed. OMG I know. Such an amazing series.The Warden sure knows how to write em. That was my last weeks Waiting on Wednesday lol

  3. Yes, the BDB boys are my Favorite!



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