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Review: Devil At Midnight by Emma Holly

For years, mercenary captain Christian Durand has done everything he can to protect his men from his power hungry father. When a beautiful ghost appears to offer comfort, he assumes the strain has finally pushed him over the edge. The specter claims she’s his friend from another life--a tale the cynical soldier finds difficult to believe.

Grace Gladwell has her own experience with abusive fathers. Thanks to an accident with hers, one moment she's in 1950s America, the next, she’s in 1460, Switzerland, trying to convince a Medieval soldier that she's neither a figment of his imagination or an imp from Hell.

These would be challenges enough without vampire queen Nim Wei setting her immortal sights on Christian. When she threatens to help his father destroy them all, Christian must choose between his darker urges and a love that spans centuries… GoodReads Synopsis

Summing It Up

After being killed by her abusive father, Grace Gladwell awakens in a sort of purgatorial realm. An angel confronts Grace and offers her a chance to meet and help a friend in need from another lifetime. Longing for love and friendship, a concept, due to her father,  unattainable in her more recent existence, Grace willingly and whole-heartily accepts. However, the one condition of her time travel leaves her corporeal in form. Grace arrives in Medieval England, year 1460, to find the man she is sent to help, -wounded,- a result of his father's brutality. Immediately Grace feels a connection to Christian Durrand, and wants more than anything to help him. Although Christain Durrand is skeptical of the ghost's intentions at first, he is quickly enamored by both her beauty and kindness. Grace becomes the half to Christian's whole and with each passing moment, Christian is reminded of how much he truly needs her. Unfortunately, the Vampire Upyr Queen, Nim Wei also wants Durrand and with what she can give him coupled with her seductive power, not even an Angel of saving GRACE can compete with.

First Impression

I love both the hero and heroine of this book. Grace starts out scarred, a timid girl and turns into a courageous, yet forgiving warrior. Christian is strong, passionate, and completely selfless when it comes to the people he cares about. Definitely my type of ALPHA-male.

Favorite Quotes

"I'll be sleeping with two men," she explained between gasps for air. "I never imagined being a ghost would be this racy."

"Upyr. Vampire. I know Bram Stoker hasn't been born yet, but what's the difference if they've got fangs?"

Final thoughts

After reading Emma Holly's 7th installment (not including novellas and/or short stories) in the Midnight series, I am left with one simple phrase,"I WANT MORE!!" With themes such as bravery, redemption, and forgiveness...and a dip into the reincarnation swimming pool, Devil At Midnight is a must read for Paranormal Romance lovers. I eagerly await the January 11, 2011 release of Angel At Dawn, the second part to Grace and Christian's story (Upyr Book #8)!

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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